The French Press

The Ritual:

Gently preheating with a splash of hot water, coarsely fresh ground coffee, the spiraling swirl from the water kettle, coffee bloom, patience..patience…, separating the grounds from the brew with the press of the plunger. If this is not a tradition in your residence it should be.

A French press produces a cup that is possibly the richest available and not just in description. You can actually see the oils reflecting in the light. The process itself preserves this coffee characteristic. Without a paper filter to absorb the oil and a longer extraction time they have the opportunity to rise to the top.

I start each day with the ritual described above and wouldn’t have it any other way. The French press adds a sense of elegance and intimacy while at the same time possessing a grounding functionality.

Patented in 1929 the French press has gone through many upgrades over the years. My personal favorite is the Bodum Chambord. It’s affordable, sturdily made and quite good looking. All replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer; screens, extra carafes, plunger parts etc.

Although it can be used to brew tea, I prefer to use it just for coffee.

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