Intro: The Manuel Brew Series

This is a series dedicated to bringing awareness to various manual brew methods. With all the marketing noise created by various manufacturers to sell kcups, I understand their increase in sales volume. The reason we don’t offer kcups is it failed to garner a yes from one or more of our guiding questions. An answer of no to any of the following questions when evaluating a business decision and the project does not move forward in Tend Coffee:


Is this decision right for our people?

Is this decision right for our clients?


Is this decision right for our coffee?


In this case we are not concerned with their sale-ability, they just don’t produce the level of quality we demand from our coffee. The coffee used in that method of brewing is not only pre-ground but also degassed causing staleness and loss of volatile aromas. Plus, just about ANY manual brew method will produce a far better cup of coffee with a far lower price tag. We didn’t even touch on the 9 Billion kcups that ended up in the landfill or the ocean every year, 9 billion…


What we will cover in this series




V Style Coffee Pour Overs

Immersion Drippers

French Presses

Cold Brew

And more…


I hope you’re excited as I am!



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