El Salvador Is Live

Tend Coffee, Organic Beans

Gorgeous new coffee available now, limited quantity. Get some while you can!


Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate and Orange notes abound in this gorgeous coffee from El Salvador. Limited quantity available!

1 Full Pound

Details From Origin:

The farms these beans were harvested from are Finca Rumania and Hungría. Located in Municipio El Congo, departamento de Sta. Ana. Established as coffee platations in 1930´s. These farms are property of Chicabal Society, as a family business. The farms are completely planted with coffee, under natural shade with tall trees as cedars, oaks, balsams, etc. Coffee varieties planted are bourbon, caturra, pacas, catimor and sarchimor. The farms are located in front Coatepeque Lake, in the Apaneca – Ilamatepeque Region, with an Origin Denomination from this area, with a volcanic rich soil, and an elevation of 1100 meters over sea level.
Rumanía/ Hungria were certified 8 years ago as an Organic, Rainforest, Bird-friendly farms. During the volcanic eruption (Ilamatepec volcano, Sta. Ana) in 2006, volcanic ashes covered the farms. Volcanic
ashes made the soil acid and naturally rich. The farms also conserve a natural rain forest, which serves as habitat for innumerable animal species.


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