El Salvador Is Live

Tend Coffee, Organic Beans

Gorgeous new coffee available now, limited quantity. Get some while you can!


Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate and Orange notes abound in this gorgeous coffee from El Salvador. Limited quantity available!

1 Full Pound

Details From Origin:

The farms these beans were harvested from are Finca Rumania and Hungría. Located in Municipio El Congo, departamento de Sta. Ana. Established as coffee platations in 1930´s. These farms are property of Chicabal Society, as a family business. The farms are completely planted with coffee, under natural shade with tall trees as cedars, oaks, balsams, etc. Coffee varieties planted are bourbon, caturra, pacas, catimor and sarchimor. The farms are located in front Coatepeque Lake, in the Apaneca – Ilamatepeque Region, with an Origin Denomination from this area, with a volcanic rich soil, and an elevation of 1100 meters over sea level.
Rumanía/ Hungria were certified 8 years ago as an Organic, Rainforest, Bird-friendly farms. During the volcanic eruption (Ilamatepec volcano, Sta. Ana) in 2006, volcanic ashes covered the farms. Volcanic
ashes made the soil acid and naturally rich. The farms also conserve a natural rain forest, which serves as habitat for innumerable animal species.


Ice Cold Coffee!!!

Loving some Ice Cold Coffee in all it’s varieties!!!! Stop in to get yours at any of our retail locations:


First Grass Puppy Donation!

Congrats to Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton NY for receiving the very first (hopefully of many) donation raised from the sales of our Grass Puppy Blend coffee!

Make sure to check out who is next at www.grasspuppy.com!

Fauxganic? Don’t Fall For It.

Make sure your getting the real-real. No seal, no deal. Beyond the amazing quality of organically grown crops, one of the reasons organics are higher value/higher cost is that certified organic products represent an unbroken chain of inspections and certifications all the way back to the land it was grown on. If one of these links is broken, it cannot get the USDA Seal by law.

Things that can cause a product to not reach the high bar that certification sets are too numerous to list here. From the land the coffee is grown on, cultivation, processing, transport, distribution, exporting/importing(more fumigation risks), distribution, storage, roasting, packaging. Each step is inspected/certified.

In the coffee industry, many burlap bags say Organic because when they put it in the bag, it was! Flooded warehouses, fumigation, chemical exposure, cross contamination on shared equipment (think producing synthetic flavored coffees and then roasting pure organics) are just some of the reasons a product would be denied certification.

Unscrupulous sellers like to market products as organic and charge more for them but instead of paying 3rd party inspectors, agencies, and growers with the additional funds for the additional labor it takes to grow organic products…they pocket it.

You will find the USDA Organic seal on every bag of coffee we produce. Certified Organic since day 1, we make sure your getting the real thing. When in doubt about a product ask; who does your certification? If it’s legitimate the product will list who the certifying agency is on the packaging like the accompanying picture of the back of our bag and will readily provide a link to their database like ours here. You can also find a link on our website under the Our Work tab. We are proud to be certified by NOFA-NY and have been working with them since before we opened our doors.

Help protect the integrity of Organic Certifications by spreading the word and tag a friend, #nosealnodeal and say no to #fauxganic


Tend Coffee, Organic Beans

Tend Coffee’s New Flavor Guide

How great is this!!!

Our first printings of our new Tasting Guide have arrived. Fun and handy, these guides will help you explore the flavors of all our coffees. We are giving away this first round of Tasting Guides with every order. Most orders will get one while supplies last!

Hope Your Having A Great December!

Did you know that this January marks our 6 year Anniversary at our 1st retail location in Shirley NY!! If that happens to be your “go to” Tend Coffee, you may have noticed all the work going on throughout the month of November. Much needed new counters were installed over night by Joe at Bellport Marble and Stone as well as some recently added lighting, parking and plumbing improvements. So thank you for the patience you’ve shown as we made these improvements.

For December we welcomed back the highly anticipated re-release of our Brazil Single Origin. A super special coffee that you can read more about below. At the stores you will see some wonderful new partnerships like the makers of these super awesome bean keepers:

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